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Welcome to the Content Juice Blog

October 12, 2016

A very warm welcome to all wordsmiths, bookworms, grammarians, editors, bloggers, marketers, content writers and all those who just love a bit of wordplay. This is Content Juice – your natural source of lexical nourishment.

This is our blog; a place for us to share our thoughts, expertise and general anecdotes on the industry we work in and the lives we dedicate to writing. You’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king’ before right? Well we think this is nonsense. Content is everything – from the king right down to the pawns and the ridiculously still red men in big daft black hats.

Without content we have no communication and vice versa. These days, regurgitating the same old hogwash will simply not do. Copywriting is a dirty word and a repetitive trade. You won’t find copywriting here – instead we provide imaginative storytelling and words with real worth.

Handpicked and Ripened Writers

We are not an agency. We feel that is important to mention straight off the bat. We do not exploit writers for profit or outsource work to any old scribe. First and foremost we are a collection of comrades and very close colleagues. Each and every talented writer has been handpicked and ripened over time to produce the juiciest content possible.

We have all worked within the same circles, with various different employers and businesses, for over a decade now. We’ve brought all of this experience and expertise together, in one tall iced glass of content-juice-goodness for your reading pleasure!

Freshly Squeezed Content

All content is squeezed fresh from UK writers and is one of your five-a-day sources of lexical nourishment. At a time when quality online content has never been so vital, a refreshing and natural writing style is essential to a successful marketing campaign. Our products contain no artificial content, added preservatives or pulp. Just simply good honest, shareable content with plenty of substance and character.

The Brainstorming Process

As a group we brainstorm and plan each and every project together, where possible of course. If you require consultancy or the full-time use of one of our writers, we will of course not be sending the whole team. But initially, for each project, we will get together over a brew and some biscuits and discuss your brief in detail. Then the most appropriate writer, or the most experienced in your industry, will be assigned the task of running the project until completion.

Simple really – no messing about. We don’t like complications here!

Creative Freedom

For that reason, amongst many others, all of our writers are given creative freedom over our blog; so they can post whatever they feel like. From industry insights to little daily stories and the odd rant here and there – our writers can write whatever they feel like.
Over the next couple of weeks we will be releasing a blog about each of our juicy writers with a little background information on us all – so you can get to know us a bit better. So keep a look out! For now though folks, keep it juicy!

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Ian Arnison-Phillips

Director at Content Juice
This piece has been written by Ian Arnison-Phillips. Ian is an experienced content marketer, author and creative writer. His specialisms are web content, blogging, PR and creative content.

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