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Tell a Tale for Storytelling Week

January 27, 2017

It’s National Story Telling Week from 28th Jan to 4th February! This year marks the 17th anniversary of the annual event spawned by the Society for Storytelling. What will you be doing to commemorate the occasion? First time you have heard of Storytelling Week? For over two decades now, The Society for Storytelling has endeavoured to promote the oral tradition of telling stories. It sounds simple, but there are many levels to this awareness week.

Being one of the very first methods to sharing life experiences and expressing creative imagination, National Storytelling Week aims to encourage and educate people on what is now an ancient art form. It’s not just about telling an anecdote or two, it’s also about building self-confidence and the ability to speak in public. It’s about maturing you as a person and getting you to interact with others, both creatively and imaginatively.

The Art of Storytelling

Telling stories is more than just conversation, it is a form of art. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘it’s the way you tell them’? Well it is true. It is not so much the content of the story that matters so much, it is the way that you tell it. Telling tales will always remain a vibrant part of culture all across the world. Whether you tell a story to lie about something, to cheer somebody up or make someone laugh; the purpose in this case is kind of irrelevant. It is the art form we are celebrating not the purpose!

Sharing an anecdote or short tale with your colleagues, friends and family is also a great confidence booster. Do something different and join a book club this week. Meeting up with complete strangers and allowing yourself to open up with a story is a great way of increasing self-esteem and improving your ability to speak in public. Why not try it? You never know, you may be the next Brian Blessed!

About The Society for Storytelling

Founded in 1993, The Society for Storytelling aims to encourage and support people telling stories in England and Wales. The society provides a central hub for people to educate themselves on storytelling, find out about local events and to obtain advice on how to improve storytelling techniques. They help people find their individual voices and share stories online.

Where Can You Get Involved?

Events will be taking place all over the country in book clubs, theatres, schools, poetry venues, care homes, hospitals, museums and many more local establishments. Many people will be hosting their own themed events with different happenings, all based around storytelling. The event is celebrated by people of all ages and from all backgrounds – all that is required is the willingness to tell a right good tale! Are dragons your thing? No problem! Tell people all about your dragon! What’s his name? Is he friendly? Everyone has a story, without question, so what is yours?

Storytelling with Content Juice

Here at Content Juice we are massive advocates of storytelling and we are big supporters of the Society for Storytelling. The work they do to make National Storytelling Week happen is both commendable and extremely appreciated by all storytellers across the UK.

We believe that copywriting is a dirty words and somewhat of a rotten trade too. We are not copywriters here and will never refer to ourselves as such. We are content writers that make use of imaginative storytelling and emotive language – rather than robotic and monotonous copywriting. Imagination and creativity is the key to success when it comes to content marketing and selling yourself online. We believe that by telling a story, you involve your readers/followers and incorporate them within your journey; rather than just talking at them with sales spiel and nonsense jargon. We would love to help you tell your story, what would you like your customers to know?

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