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White Paper

…Gary clawed his way to the front of the room as the final echoes of applause escaped through the open bay windows. Everyone congratulated the winner as Gary approached the judge alone, “Why did you not choose me, I said everything he said!” The lady lowered her glasses, “Are you kidding?” she replied, “He’s gorgeous and has an Armani suit”…

White Paper Juice

Serving Suggestion: 2000-4000 words

Ingredients per serving

Topic research 20%
Demographic research 10%
Expertly written content 50%
Layout and structure 10%
SEO 10%

100% unique material

Contains no added jargon or tech-fluff

Aesthetically Pleasing Content

Gary did not win the judge’s decision in this story because of a difference in appearance, despite possessing the exact same knowledge as his counterpart. As sad as this is for our fictional Gary, in reality this represents one of the primary functions of a technical white paper. What you have to say may have already been said before elsewhere, but this is a chance to explain things a lot clearer.

You must have heard the phrase – it’s not what you say it’s how you say it. Well that is certainly true here but how you present that information is also highly important; in terms of both graphical and content design.

Making Technical Content Easy and Approachable

If you have a complex company issue or a complicated piece of industry information that needs translating to your audience, a white paper is the perfect way to do so. This allows you to provide an authoritative report or guide on the matter with your philosophy and ideas highlighted throughout.

This isn’t a sales piece; it’s a provision of information to help readers solve a problem, understand an issue or make a decision. To ensure your white paper material covers all of this it must be written in highly technical, yet very approachable language. It’s not rocket science, unless you need a white paper on rocket science!

Simply tell us what you need to convey and we will express it for you perfectly.