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Social Media

…I mean he’s not a bad guy, don’t get me wrong but I just hate how popular he is! I mean come on, give me a break! I can’t compete with that. Everybody likes all of his pictures, they read what he writes and they basically wear what he tells them to wear! It’s almost hopeless. Wait! That’s it! It’s so obvious. There’s only one way I can beat this guy…DANCE OFF…

Social Media Juice

Serving Suggestion: Daily Doses

Ingredients per serving

Planning 25%
Outreach 40%
Analysis 25%
Re-development 10%

100% unique material

Represents 2 of your 5-a-day content marketing elements.

Confident and Loud Social Content

Hold your frolicking horses there cowboy! Dancing isn’t actually going to get you anywhere. Honestly though, there is no need to fret or put so much crazy thought into it. Competing with the ‘popular kids’ is not as hard as you think when it comes to social media marketing. That’s the beauty of social media – literally anybody can be a star! Offer something of value with real personality and, most importantly, be confident about it.

Do You Really Like it – is it, is it Wicked?

It is infectious little phrases such as this that spread like wildfire on social media channels. The foundations for successful social content are actually quite simple; it’s a case of listening to what the people want and supplying that demand in shareable form. It’s also about staying on-trend and being a step ahead in terms of the content you release in relation to current events and industry news.

We plan, implement, analyse and redevelop our social media strategies to ensure they are as effective as they can possibly be.

Social Media Monitoring

We use a variety of social media monitoring platforms to get the best out of your social media campaign. This way we not only monitor the effectiveness of your social activity, we also directly target potential customers with bespoke messages, offers and information.

Planned around industry events and global happenings in your market, we pass your business name around like a pack of Rich Tea biscuits; but always in the most relevant circles! We can tailor a social media marketing package around your exact requirements and desired end goals. Let’s start networking and making you some more friends!