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Product Descriptions

…it’s hot, I’m really sweaty and I’m bored. There is no one around. Oh wait, I think I see someone! Nope! Just a bird again. This is stupid. Why am I even here? It’s been ages and no one’s come. I’m seven years old, sat on my own bored and no one’s come. My legs hurt. And the lemonade is getting warm. It’s been nearly nine minutes now…

Product Description Juice

Serving Suggestion: 50-150 words

Ingredients per serving

Product research 20%
Tone of voice development 20%
SEO 10%
Product Description 50%

100% unique material

Contains no added fluff material or artificial content

Paint a Picture with Words

Sometimes, the struggle to sell a product can be solved by simply changing the way you describe it. The impatient little entrepreneur in this monologue may have better luck selling lemonade if they altered the wording around their stall. ‘Ice-cold, super-size homemade lemonade’ is always going to sell more than ‘50p lemonade’ as a juvenile example.

Your product image will provide visual insight but your product description will feed your customers’ imagination. This is often a lot more important than the visual representation itself as it can be the difference between simple interest and a committed purchase.

Improve Conversion and Purchasing Rates

Our writers have years’ worth of experience creating concise and inspiring product descriptions. From beauty products and healthcare services to technical equipment and mechanical goods – we’ve written for it all!

The way you describe each product online is one of the main differences between you and your competitors. Even if you offer a unique and niche service, the words you use must be effective and convincing enough to encourage a sale. Improve your literature and you improve your chances of converting an intrigued customer.

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