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Press Release

…He said, “I had a paper-round once when I was kid,” as he sat back down, fresh beverage in hand. “I never delivered them though. I used to throw em’ over the railway bridge top of the road and still get paid,” he said proudly, “Lasted 6 weeks that did!” Of course, that’s the same year the Manchester to Glasgow derailed in the night…

Press Release Juice

Serving Suggestion: 200-600 words

Ingredients per serving

Research 10%
Journalistic content creation 50%
SEO 10%
Editing & proofreading 10%
Referencing 10%
Distribution/sharing 10%

100% unique material

Contains no artificial content or additives, please consume responsibly.

A Story Worth Telling the World

Okay, so this one has a slightly fabricated twist on a true story from our Director Ian Arnison-Phillips. No actual derailing occurred between Manchester and Glasgow and no one was hurt as a result of mislaid newspaper! The train line was inactive but Ian did con his way out of a paper-round for quite some time! Ah, to be young again hey?

The anecdote is silly but the point is, we felt it was worth telling. If you believe your story is worth telling too then why not push it out there? A new product, company event or achievement – regardless of what it is your market is out there and they want to hear about it.

Professionally Written Press-Ready Content

We can handle both the creation and the distribution of your press release, or just the written side of things, whichever you prefer. The team as a collective has a wealth of experience in press release writing and showcases expertise in terms of language, layout and structure.

Our scribes have vast journalistic experience between them, so you can rest assured your press release brief is in capable hands. All we need from you is a few headline bullet points of information and any reference material you can provide.

If it means something to you then it will mean something to your customers too.

Press Release Distribution

Press release content is charged at our standard hourly rate. Content Juice also offers a distribution package via the World’s #1 News Release Service – PRWeb. We simply add our writing charge onto their distribution packages and take care of all correspondence with the team at PRWeb. Contact us for more information.