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Content Marketing

…”What on earth do you mean?” asks the flimsy, rather nervous conductor. The ensemble wait with baited breath as the last remaining judge leans forward in his seat. There are over thirty faces in the room and a good half of them look as though they know what is coming next. “Well it all sounded very nice,” he begins, “but it wasn’t quite all there was it?”…

Content Marketing Juice

Serving Suggestion: 1-4 times daily

Ingredients per serving

Planning/editorial calendar 25%
Implementation 25%
SEO/analytical reporting 25%
Development 25%

100% unique material

Recipe suggestion: Try adding a quarter of blog content with a half measure of social media content and a little splash of press release.

Pitch Perfect Content Marketing

A complete symphonic orchestra in full swing is a wonderful visual experience as well as being a pleasure to the ears, mind and soul. For a totally harmonious performance though, each and every section of the orchestra must play its part both individually and as part of the whole group effort.

If parts of your ensemble are missing or lacking in form, such is the case for the conductor in our story, then this can have a negative impact on the overall sound. This translates perfectly to content marketing; each and every part of your strategy must be absolutely pitch perfect for your overall plan to succeed.

Write Words in the Right Places

Our premise when it comes to content marketing is very simple: we plan, implement, analyse and then develop. The steps are very simple, we don’t like complications here. Using this process we can continually improve on performance and achieve results.

As with all our services, we believe our secret to success lies within the quality of our work. We represent creative brainstorming at its best; supported by expertly written creative content. We’ll use this to attract a clearly-defined audience and drive a profitable customer action.

We can tailor a content marketing package around your specific wishes and requirements, just simply let us know what you have in mind.