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…the cold metal cuts into his flesh as he wriggles in panic. Diego, standing with blank expression, waits for him to stop shouting for exactly three seconds before firing one shot into the air. “Tell me what you know,” he says calmly after the silence. “Never!” Tony shouts. Diego slowly raises his Smith & Wesson Model 29 and…

Blog Content Juice

Serving Suggestion: 400-1600 words

Ingredients per serving

Creative brainstorming 5%
Research 30%
SEO 10%
Expertly written content 40%
Social outreach 15%

100% unique material

Contains no additives or artificial content

Tell Them What You Know

Unlike Tony in our story snippet here, we recommend that you tell Diego everything that you know. In fact, we strongly advise you tell absolutely everybody what you know! Providing useful material and industry-based knowledge will allow your company to become an industry thought leader. Displaying this expertise in clear and simple form will also make your site a valuable source of trusted information.

Remember, the more value you offer your followers and customers, the more valuable you become to them. So let’s tell the digital world all about your products and services. Let’s show everyone what really matters to your industry. Let’s provide good, honest, shareable blog content!

Valuable and Shareable Blog Content

Anything you can provide that is valuable, and more importantly shareable, will keep followers coming back for more. Of course there are many other good reasons to blog regularly too. Google will love you for one. It’s extremely positive to have regularly blog content on site and this heightened activity will attract search engine spiders and consumers alike.

Looking for more than just one blog post? No problem. We can work alongside your objectives to create an editorial calendar that will include industry/corporate event posts, news related blogs, industry specific pieces, on-trend posts and much more.

Daily/Weekly Blog Service

Content Juice offers a daily/weekly blogging service including scheduling, idea generation and content production with regular updated editorial calendars. We can help turn your blog into a vibrant, valuable and vital stream of information for your target audience and associated industries.