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Pick of the Bunch: Mad Lemmings

January 18, 2017

Welcome to this month’s Pick of the Bunch! We do a lot of reading here at Content Juice, naturally! So once a month we like to give a shout out to an author or company commending a recent piece of work. Love can only grow once shared, as they say!

This month’s Pick of the Bunch has been written by Ashley, founder of Mad Lemmings. The post was published on ProBlogger and titled ‘5 Ridiculous SEO Myths Every Blogger Should Ignore’. You can read the entire article here. We love the tone and writing style adopted for this guest blog and it’s pace is almost perfect. Let’s take a look at some of the finer details…

SEO Doesn’t Have to Be Scary!

As much as we agree with the writer that SEO is scary, it really doesn’t have to be! Especially when it comes to writing for SEO purposes. Yes Google may move the goalposts every once in a while, but that doesn’t mean you stop shooting in the same direction. The search engine giant is never going to make it explicitly apparent what they are doing and the relative information out there on the subject can be often misleading and horseradish.

But when it comes to writing for SEO purposes, none of this matters much anyway. Writing naturally and without constraints is the best way forward – keyword inclusion and all of that nonsense will take care of itself if you write naturally. For example, if you sell cycle helmets and you write a blog about cycling safety – chances are you are going to drop the phrase ‘cycle helmets’ in your blog naturally anyway. So there is no need to think about purposefully keyword stuff your content at all. This isn’t natural and Google doesn’t like unnatural.

The Main Takeaway Points

Here is a quick breakdown of the 5 supposed SEO myths every blogger should ignore, according to Ashley at Mad Lemmings:

  • Only large blogs receive traffic
  • SEO is too hard
  • Keywords are no longer significant
  • Guest blogging is dead
  • Google will find your new posts automatically

We have to say, we agree with it all. All of this is complete myth, as pointed out in more detail in the Mad Lemmings blog. If you believe any of these to be true, chances are you’re spending too much time reading the wrong material from the wrong content writers! For expert content writing for SEO and understanding of content marketing, contact the Content Juice team today.

Content Writing for SEO Success

Our favourite bit of this month’s Pick of the Bunch lies in Ashley’s takeaway point on Google’s regular algorithm updates. He argues that if you are doing SEO the correct way, then none of these myths will actually matter. Google changes are meant to weed out those who are doing SEO wrong, not the good guys! If you stick to releasing good, valuable and shareable content then this represents at least half of your overall SEO campaign. You can find out a little more on the importance of content and Google’s RankBrain algorithm on a past blog post of ours.

Thanks again Ashley and the Mad Lemmings site for such a great read!

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