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Meet the Juicers – Jocelyn the Editor

December 5, 2016

This time around it’s time to meet our Jocelyn! A wonderful editor and ex-journalist, this one is a cracker! We are very lucky to have someone with Jocelyn’s expertise on board and her professional opinion is worth its weight in gold. The humble press release is of course Jocie’s forte, but her other writing skills are second to none too. So without further ado, let’s meet the editor!

Personal Details

Place of Birth


Where Did You Study?

University of Manchester

Preferred Writing Style


A Working/Writing Day

What Time Do You Wake Up and Start Work?

I haven’t had a ‘proper job’ to wake up to for some time now. Gone are those days. I miss it sometimes. I adore retirement the rest of the time. I’m still up early and I pick up my little bits and bobs shortly after breakfast. It’s good to keep busy and keep writing. Working so closely with the Content Juice team feeds my need for mental nourishment!

Any Morning or Mid-Afternoon Rituals?

No I can’t think of any. Lots of tea!

The Best and Worst Part of Your Day?

No worst parts! You must enjoy all aspects of your day J

Your Favourite Thing to Write?

A big juice story. I like anything political, as frustrating as it can make you feel!

Your Ultimate Client?

The Economist

Would You Rather

Talk None Stop or Never Talk Again?

Well this one is hardly fair. I suppose that if I spoke none stop I would never have to listen to the husband, so I’ll go for that.

Sneeze of Hiccup for the Rest of Your Life?

Another difficult one this really isn’t fair. Hiccups – especially if it’s alcohol related.

Smelly Burps or Visible Bottom Burps?

Now this is just getting silly. I know you guys have done this on purpose. A respectable woman will not answer such a ridiculous question 😉

Loved and Lost or Never Have Loved Before?

Despite the pain, it is definitely better to have been loved art least once in your life!

Content Juice Contribution

How Did You Become Involved with Content Juice?

I’ve witnessed young Ian grow up. Aunty Jocelyn making sure the little rascal stays in check hehe. I love working with the team because everyone is so positive. The collaboration of skills and qualities here bring a wonderful mix of content writing abilities. I am extremely pleased to be involved.

What Can We Expect from You on the Blog Here at Content Juice?

I’m not so sure yet – keep watching. No doubt I will find something to moan about soon.


Well that’s it from our editor and acting mother of the bunch Jocelyn. If you missed our first in this series, don’t miss out on your chance to get personal with our Director. Click here to go back one and catch up!

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Ian Arnison-Phillips

Director at Content Juice
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