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Meet the Juicers – Ian the Director

November 30, 2016

Welcome to another fantastic blog series – Meet the Juicers! In this upcoming succession of blogs we will be sticking our noses into the business of all our writers here at Content Juice. Nothing too serious, just a simple insight into the personal and working lives of everyone involved with this little writing company of ours. First up let’s meet the man in charge of it all…

Personal Details

Place of Birth

Sunny Manchester

Where Did You Study?

Salford University and the school of life.

Preferred Writing Style


A Working/Writing Day

What Time Do You Wake Up and Start Work?

I set my alarm for 6:00am but this is usually followed by at least 45 minutes of snoozing and swearing at the alarm clock. Then my day will start around 7:30am.

Any Morning or Mid-Afternoon Rituals?

Mainly disgusting ones, centred around lavatory habits. I guess that’s a polite way of saying I usually empty my bowels around the same time every day. Does that count? I hear its healthy! Other than that, I walk my dog first thing in the morning. I don’t know if that counts as a ritual, more of a pain in the neck most times!

The Best and Worst Part of Your Day?

Lunchtime and the end of lunchtime.

Your Favourite Form of Writing?

For a hobby, I like scriptwriting. As an online content writer, I like to write web content.

Your Ultimate Client?

Manchester City FC

Would You Rather

Live One Life of 1,000 Years Or Live 10 Different Lives of 100 Years?

I look rough most mornings now, I can only imagine what I’d look like at the age of 500! Tough one but I think I’d rather be 10 different people than be one person for 1000 years.  But only if I was conscious that I was destined to be 10 different people – otherwise it would be pointless as you’d never know.

Infinite Cash or Infinite Knowledge?

Infinite cash obviously! I could solve a lot of the world’s issues with infinite cash (and my own of course!)

Run at 100mph or Fly at 1mph?

Fly for sure

Never Lie or Never Tell the Truth

Never can lie

Content Juice Contribution

How Did You Become Involved with Content Juice?

I have been freelancing since leaving university and have worked for several digital marketing agencies. I wanted to work for myself and write on my own terms. After years of working closely with one and other, I decided to launch Content Juice as an official method of bringing us all together to provide a better content writing service to the web.

What Can We Expect from You on the Blog Here at Content Juice?

I like to speak my mind and I don’t mince my words much, so expect to be offended!

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Ian Arnison-Phillips

Director at Content Juice
This piece has been written by Ian Arnison-Phillips. Ian is an experienced content marketer, author and creative writer. His specialisms are web content, blogging, PR and creative content.

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