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Juicy Content: 3 New Case Studies!

June 4, 2018

Juicy news! We’ve got 3 incredible new case studies on site! These are perhaps our most favourite projects so far this year – with plenty more lined up to keep us occupied throughout the rest of it. If you’d like some more detailed information on the successes we have achieved with the following 3 clients, then please do get in touch. Otherwise, without further ado, here’s what we’ve been working on lately…


NHS Digital

First up – it’s our beloved NHS! We are absolutely over the moon and utterly honoured to be working with our National Health Service. We’ve been plying our trade with NHS Digital in Leeds city centre for almost a year now – and we love it!

As part of the wider public sector’s initiative to reach a digital 2020, NHS Digital are in the process of launching several digital data-related services. Content Juice is involved in the discovery, planning, implementation and testing of some of these services. Responsibilities include reviewing existing public-facing materials, creating innovative content and stakeholder management.

So you can imagine, everything we do here is largely influenced and governed by policy stakeholders, the Department of Health, external insight teams and internal user research studies. The most challenging aspect of this client’s work? Making sure our created content satisfies the project needs and legal requirements of these influencers appropriately. A lot harder than you think!

More detailed information on our NHS Digital case study.


Home Logic

Over the last 12 months, Content Juice has produced hundreds of static web pages and over 100’000 words worth’ of written content for Home Logic. This has been a huge contribution towards Home Logic’s online marketing and SEO campaigns, allowing them to rank on page 1 of Google for multiple chosen search terms.

We’ve written about all things and everything related to thermal insulation, roofing and double glazing. So much so we’re all in the process of renovating our own houses here at Content Juice, to ensure we are the most thermally efficient!

To ensure the project ran as seamlessly as possible, and that we were doing everything we could to alleviate any effort from the client, we uploaded the content to Home Logic’s CMS too! Every piece we completed and uploaded covered a different topic, or a different angle on a repeat topic. One thing is for sure now – we know a thing or two about insulation!

More detailed information on our Home Logic case study.


Parka London

Dear Content Juice – would you like an opportunity to work with a leading UK fashion brand? Erm…yes please! Absolutely! Who doesn’t love fashion? Granted, we’re not catwalk models here, but we do try our best! Parka London has re-jigged their brand image slightly and re-entered the limelight, following a successful stint in the 90s popularised by their infamous Parka coat.

Their new Outerwear collection is now available, offering a number of casual jackets and fresh accessories to personalise your look. What’s the best way to attract attention towards this new collection? Through social media of course! That’s where Content Juice steps in!

Parka London promotes products on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The aim is to expand on their existing audience and capture new customers. We were brought on board to create, submit and analyse all social media posts for a period of 3 months. This project was all about brand guidelines – more so than producing informative information. Word choice, target demographic and layout are all extremely important to a brand like Parka London!

More detailed information on our Parka London case study.

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