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Content Design Manual – Social Media Content

January 23, 2017

Still fresh from your expedition with local and global insects agent? Your web content mission was enlightening I’m sure. Don’t get too comfortable, you’ll be back on road very soon. We have two stages of our content design manual mission left so it is essential we all remain focused on the tasks ahead. The good news, for you perhaps, is that we’re going in team-handed on the next one. Your next mission is to discover all you can on the subject of social media content creation. So being as social as possible will no doubt contribute towards the success of your efforts.

Take as many people with you as you please agent, recruit as many as you can along the way and do not lose anybody! Your first stop is a dance competition. What? Yes, you heard me correctly. Don’t worry, you wont be twinkle-toeing yourself, just observing. Now away with you. Good luck agent.

The Social Media Content Story

social media content story

Put the Dancing Shoes Down!

Okay so a dance-off isn’t the worst idea if you’re trying to be popular. It helps if you can dance of course! If you can boogie better than your competitors then even better! In the online world though, you needn’t even move off your chair. Competing with the ‘popular kids’ is not as difficult as it may seem and by releasing shareable social media content you are already half way there. Anyone can be a hit on social media these days, from global brands to small local businesses, everyone has a voice online!

If you are able to offer content that is valuable, helpful and packed with personality then the followers will come naturally overtime. How long it takes to build a significant following will largely depend on your niche, how much value you can offer and the size of your target demographic. For example, launching a campaign to build an audience for a health and fitness brand will have much more scope than doing the same for a brand that sells doorbells.

As long as you are pro-active and confident with your social media content then your social following can only grow. Listen to what your people are talking about and what they want then provide it shareable form. Do you sell mobile phone equipment? Release a few posts showing some of the cool things you can do with your merchandise. It sounds too simple but overcomplicating things will just lead to wasted time and too many headaches. Put the dancing shoes down and just socialise. Simple!

The Social Media Content Writing Checklist

  • Be original, unique and surprising
  • Stick to your brand rigorously
  • Establish a tone of voice and stick to it
  • Interact with others and create conversations
  • Talk to competitors as well as customers
  • Launch competitions and encourage user involvement
  • Implement, analyse and redevelop
  • Release lots of different types of post (Image, video, text, etc.)
  • Share, share, share!

Keeping an Eye on Your Social Media Content

Releasing shareable social media content is only one half of the job done. The analysis work is just as important as the creative side, if not more! This is especially true when you are using more than one social media platform and wish to discover which one works best for your business. Without analysing the performance of your social media content, you cannot improve or develop your ideas to become more effective.

Have you got thousands of views but no interactions? Does is it seem to be men only clicking on your content? Do your followers only access your content at a certain time of day? Sure, it is handy to know this information, but do you know why? It is much more helpful to know why these occurrences are happening, right? By pro-actively monitoring your social media content and followers you can also directly target potential customers with bespoke offers and discounts.

Remember to Be Infectious and On-Brand!

Trending social media content is always infectious and on-brand, no matter who starts the trend off. Humour works incredibly well in this area, as well as anything that pulls on the heart strings. To release something truly infectious you must first have some sort of following to start the ball rolling. So do not worry if you find you’re not taking the social media world by storm immediately, despite your witty little phrases or wishful viral video content. Patience is a virtue in social interactions, both digitally and in the physical world. The most important thing to remember is to be nice! You will not get anywhere by being a nasty-pasty online! If you haven’t got anything nice to say, then say nothing at all!


We have only one mission left to go in the Content Design Manual series! It’s been an enlightening journey so far so make sure you join us for the final sprint! Next time we will be talking all things content marketing!

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