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Content Design Manual – Press Release Content

December 13, 2016

Agent we don’t have long. Quite frankly, I’m giving you more time than you deserve. You were told to keep your head down at all times, agent. Now look at you. Behind bars like the animal you are so adamant to behave like. Honestly, a crowded building with over 300 native delegates and you still manage to stick out like a sore thumb. You’re fortunate I’m even allowed to talk to you. Lazlo and the council are reviewing our appeal as we speak.

Luckily for you, the white paper mission was not an absolute failure. We have a clear understanding of how Lazlo reached his position now thanks to your work. His charming public appearance will not keep in the limelight for long, we will make sure of that. For the moment though we find our best agent inside a content prison cell, with a lack or purpose. On the bright side, our intelligence tells us that Mr Dasharn is also a resident here, would you believe? Condemned for improper grammar use back in 2015.

This turn of events could actually work in our favour, if you’re willing to act like a proper agent this time! Mr Dasharn tells a good story so now is the perfect time to find out all you can about the humble press release. What is it all about? Why are millions of organisations involved? Find out what you can agent and do NOT let us down this time. Find out what you can about press release content, and we will work on your release.

The Press Release Content Story

press release content

Sharing a Right Good Story

A story worth telling is a story worth sharing in any environment, whether it be our little Council of Criminal Content prison or in the world of digital marketing. It doesn’t matter how many people you think will be interested in your story, all that matters is how those people react to it. Not everyone in the world is going to be interested in your new product launch; but the people that are should definitely know about it or otherwise they cannot act upon it. Mr Dasharn’s anecdote in our little story snippet may be of no use to an agent, but it does provide a little insight into his world and life, which is really important to building a solid relationship.

Essentially, this is what press release content is all about. A press release will tell a story, release important information to those that matter and also provide a little insight into your operation. As long as your release is doing at least one of these things, then it’s well worth the time and expense to create one. Maintaining this attention and interest will ensure your brand and company name remains relevant and in your industry limelight more often. Simple really. If you don’t talk about yourselves, who will?

The Press Release Checklist

  • Factual and accurate information
  • Use acronyms and abbreviations where possible
  • Explain those acronyms and abbreviations on first use
  • Include short snappy facts and statistics
  • Try to include references and quotations
  • Try to include graphs, charts and other visual aids
  • Write for humans and search engines
  • Write a catchy headline relevant to your audience
  • Use a subline with alternative keywords
  • Keyword optimise your release
  • Keep the content short and sweet

Why and When to Release Your Story

The reason for writing press release content has been discussed above. Perhaps you have a new product or service? Maybe you abut to host a new company event and want to spread the word? Have you reached a new goal recently or realised a business objective? Whatever the news is, your market is out there and they want to hear all about it. It’s not just your followers who are reading either, your competitors will also want to stick their noses in. So why not brag a little about why you are better than them?

When to release your press release can be determined by the behaviour of your audience, the relevancy of your news and time of year. Using the latter and an example, you do not want to release a Christmas related post in the middle of March. There are so many other factors that will affect the timing of your release – the majority of which only you will understand as the owner of your business. Usually though, we advise releasing something to the press almost immediately after/before the event itself. So if you’re thinking of throwing a corporate ball – a press release a few days before and after will do the trick. Why wait? If it means something to you then it will mean something to your customers too.

Your Pressing Statistics Released

Just a few quick and cheerful facts and statistics about press release content for you to feast your eyes on. If you weren’t convinced about this service beforehand you may reconsider when you read these!

  • 80 million people access news online every singe day
  • Over 60% of journalists use search engines to follow the news
  • Over 80% of people fail to understand or implement a proper press release layout

Remember to be Accurate and Newsworthy

The main rule behind press release writing is very simple and completely obvious. You have to be newsworthy, that much is obligatory. The information must be accurate too otherwise your brand will start to gather a bad reputation. You don’t want to be called slanderous or imprecise now, do you? Keep it straight and narrow and you will be fine. Or just leave it to a professional team of writers who know what they are doing. Just saying.


This is now number four in our series Content Design Manual. We hope agent that you are released from prison before our next chapter begins. Next up, we will be looking at product descriptions and how creative content can make all the difference! Until then, lights out agent.

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