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6 Completely Free Content Writing Courses Online

Whether you are completely new to the writing industry, or you are an experienced scribe, there is always something new to learn. Writing is a wide and varied field with a huge number of disciplines and genres, and each genre itself can contain numerous categories. Closely associated with SEO and marketing, content writing and copywriting […]

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How to Craft a Landing Page

If done right, your landing page can be an essential part of your business. It can help you to build a database of leads that can be used effectively for marketing campaigns in the future, and also help you to turn traffic into deals. Statistics show that, if done right, more landing pages can increase […]

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Writing Essentials: Everything You Need to Succeed

A decent laptop, a comfy chair and a wobble-free desk are the essentials of any working environment and are all well and good. But what about the less obvious, and perhaps, intangible aspects that a content writer may need to succeed? Let us now delve into a day in the life of a content writer […]

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The Web’s Five Best Writing Tools

I started my writing life in a different era – one in which pens, paper and typewriters figured big time. There was some new kit coming in, around then, word processors and some weird thing called the ‘world wide web’. But for a would-be writer/had-to-be office worker; the old ones, for a while, remained the […]

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How to Avoid ‘Match of the Day’ Content

Alan Shearer’s managerial career record is as follows: played 8; won 1; drawn 2 and lost 5. This is a  win percentage of 12.5%. You are well within your rights to ask yourself how Alan Shearer sees fit, to sit in judgement once a week and offer pseudo-insightful analysis of defensive plays gone awry, in […]

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Google Maccabees: Everything You Need to Know

That Sinking Feeling As with most Google algorithm tweaks, the first that most people knew about the ‘Maccabees’ update (which happened in mid-December) was a sudden drop in page rank. That sinking feeling is familiar to most seasoned SEO experts, managing multiple sites and strategies. The Maccabees update seems to have had a significant impact […]

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Don’t Talk Cycle Helmets – Talk Broken Skulls

As a writer, specifically a content writer, you can come across some interesting subjects. In fact, over the years, I’ve come across most subjects. Sadly (and hopefully the boss isn’t going to read this) not all of them are that interesting. A lot are but, as in all areas of life, there’s always one. Some […]

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SM Ruining Blogging

Is Social Media Ruining Blogging?

Is social media running blogging? It is a slightly slanderous title and an extreme accusation to make; but with merit. Technically, blogging is of course a form (if not the very first form) of social media. Telling stories online was the basis for the whole social media boom and blogging was at the very forefront […]

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Filthy Content Writing

Writing Filth for the Adult Industry

We get a variety of jobs here at Content Juice. We’ve written for a wide range of industries, working with large commercial brands and local SMEs too. We never like to turn a job down in truth and will wrap our creative minds around any brief that comes our way. We even relish the research […]

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