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6 Completely Free Content Writing Courses Online

Whether you are completely new to the writing industry, or you are an experienced scribe, there is always something new to learn. Writing is a wide and varied field with a huge number of disciplines and genres, and each genre itself can contain numerous categories. Closely associated with SEO and marketing, content writing and copywriting […]

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The United Kingdom of the Internet

The screenwriter of The Social Network, Aaron Sorkin, slipped a rather telling piece of dialogue into his Oscar-winning screenplay – ‘We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re going to live on the internet.’ Sorkin’s screenplay was written from 2008 to 2009 and whilst the emergence of a truly global social […]

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Social Media of the Future

Just 20 years ago, social media was unheard of. It wasn’t until 2004 that Facebook – today the most widely used social media site on the planet – was created. Whether you’re the type of social media user who religiously Instagrams their food, prefers Twitter for business networking or uses Facebook to keep in touch […]

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The Web’s Five Best Writing Tools

I started my writing life in a different era – one in which pens, paper and typewriters figured big time. There was some new kit coming in, around then, word processors and some weird thing called the ‘world wide web’. But for a would-be writer/had-to-be office worker; the old ones, for a while, remained the […]

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Is Anyone Else Sick of Seeing This Guy?

Ah, yes, a face that launched a thousand websites and, possibly, had the same effect on them as the iceberg had on the Titanic! Okay, this guy’s beard is impressive but by no means unique, and as for his image, well, it’s everywhere! Stock photos are a great solution if you want professional quality images […]

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Damn Autocorrect – A Blessing and A Curse!

Picture the scene, folks. It’s the first rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet and William Shakespeare and his cast are at the Globe Theatre. It’s Act 2, Scene 2 and Friar Laurence crops up with “to your turn your households’ raccoon to pure love”. William yells in disbelief, as he knows that’s not the line he […]

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Google Maccabees: Everything You Need to Know

That Sinking Feeling As with most Google algorithm tweaks, the first that most people knew about the ‘Maccabees’ update (which happened in mid-December) was a sudden drop in page rank. That sinking feeling is familiar to most seasoned SEO experts, managing multiple sites and strategies. The Maccabees update seems to have had a significant impact […]

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The Keyboard is Mightier Than the Nuclear Missile

Way back in the seventh century BC, the well-known Assyrian sage Ahiquar is reputed to have stated “the word is mightier than the sword”. Okay, so Ahiquar maybe isn’t that well known today and the version of his wisdom that we are more familiar with is the nineteenth century one; which was coined by the […]

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Has Digital Tech Ruined the Art of Handwriting?

  Penmanship, the act of using your hand to hold an instrument and mark a surface with written language has origins as far back as 3200 B.C. Back in those days, pictographic systems were used. The most distant but familiar handwritten system to us stems from the Roman era; when scripts were written for financial […]

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