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Is Your Marketing Plan Missing a Pineapple?

  Are your branding efforts a few blueberries short of a punnet? Are your advertorials a few bananas short of a bunch? Is your landing page a few mangoes short of…a big box of mangoes? There is no specific, collective noun for the mango fruit. How disappointing is that? To live in a world where […]

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Content writing for SEO

Pick of the Bunch: Mad Lemmings

Welcome to this month’s Pick of the Bunch! We do a lot of reading here at Content Juice, naturally! So once a month we like to give a shout out to an author or company commending a recent piece of work. Love can only grow once shared, as they say! This month’s Pick of the […]

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Google Rankbrain Blog

Google RankBrain Promotes Quality Content

The year 2015. The year that SEO land changed forever. Again. That was the year that we digitalites witnessed the creation of a brand-new law. A law that would change our world forever, causing panic and confusion with death and destruction. Okay, maybe that’s a little bit too dramatic but the release of Google RankBrain […]

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