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Top 20 Tips for Freelance Writers

Looking for a new adventure? Perhaps you’re sick of your day job? Do you dream of working from home in your pyjamas while binge watching Netflix all day? Maybe you have a small family and you’re looking for a way of bringing in an income while making the most of each precious moment. You may […]

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The United Kingdom of the Internet

The screenwriter of The Social Network, Aaron Sorkin, slipped a rather telling piece of dialogue into his Oscar-winning screenplay – ‘We lived on farms, then we lived in cities, and now we’re going to live on the internet.’ Sorkin’s screenplay was written from 2008 to 2009 and whilst the emergence of a truly global social […]

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Is Your Marketing Plan Missing a Pineapple?

  Are your branding efforts a few blueberries short of a punnet? Are your advertorials a few bananas short of a bunch? Is your landing page a few mangoes short of…a big box of mangoes? There is no specific, collective noun for the mango fruit. How disappointing is that? To live in a world where […]

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Is Anyone Else Sick of Seeing This Guy?

Ah, yes, a face that launched a thousand websites and, possibly, had the same effect on them as the iceberg had on the Titanic! Okay, this guy’s beard is impressive but by no means unique, and as for his image, well, it’s everywhere! Stock photos are a great solution if you want professional quality images […]

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Quit Smoking – Start Writing

  Whether you refer to them as cigs, ciggies, tabs, smokes, snouts, bines, rollies or roll ups – we’re seeing them used less and less each year. Tobacco smoking is undeniably on the decline in the UK. With national initiatives such as Stoptober, a month-long campaign encouraging folks to stop smoking, a greater amount of […]

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What Does Your City Name Mean?

It is difficult to pin point the exact moment in history when the first city came to be. The city of Jericho came to be from evolving settlements as far back as 9,000BC and is widely recognised as the world’s oldest known settlement. As humans discarded the hunter gatherer lifestyle to a preferred agricultural society, […]

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Naughty Words

Naughty Words in the English Dictionary

For those expecting a long list of all the naughty words in the dictionary, I’m sorry to disappoint you. That could make an interesting infographic, but not a very good blog post. Instead I am going to analyse the existence of our naughtiest words and ask the following questions: What makes a naughty word naughty? […]

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Welcome to the Content Juice Blog

A very warm welcome to all wordsmiths, bookworms, grammarians, editors, bloggers, marketers, content writers and all those who just love a bit of wordplay. This is Content Juice – your natural source of lexical nourishment. This is our blog; a place for us to share our thoughts, expertise and general anecdotes on the industry we […]

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