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Simply Factoring Brokers

White Papers


Simply Factoring Brokers is an invoicing financing company based in South Wales. Recently they decided to create a series of white papers that focus on the features, benefits and details of invoice financing. Each white paper is aimed towards and tailored around a different industry or job role, such as construction. We were drafted in to help edit and proofread the required content.



Most of the important and more technical details were provided by the client so little research was required from our end. We of course took some time to properly familiarise ourselves with the subject area and industry as this was a first for us. Once the knowledge was all topped up we sat and juiced the heck out of the project!


The result is a well written, perfectly polished white paper that clearly details the use, effects and advantages of invoice financing. You can’t get much simpler than that, which is perfect for a white paper!

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