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Parka London

Social Media Content


The chance to work with a major UK fashion brand doesn’t come around very often, so when it did we grasped at it with both hands! Parka London has somewhat re-entered the limelight recently, following a successful period of time throughout the 90s, spurred by the popularity of their famous Parka coat. The new Outerwear collection is now available, with some stunning jackets and accessories to choose from.

The demand? More social media followers! As simple as that! Parka London is currently marketing their products on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The brand wanted to expand on their existing audience and capture the imaginations of new and potential customers. To do this, they embarked on a full-scale social media campaign.



Content Juice was hired to create, submit and analyse all social media posts (across all 4 platforms) for a period of 3 months. To begin, we first established a calendar and a timeline schedule for when certain platforms should be updated. This was a dynamic document, shared and edited between ourselves and the client.

Posts were reviewed and approved 2 weeks in advance, so there were no disruptions to the submission/uploading process. As content length is limited on most social media posts, this project was more about brand guidelines than producing informative information. Word choice, target demographic and layout are all super important when it comes to social media posts – especially for a major brand like Parka London!


Parka London has a very specific tone and method of communicating to their audience – one that is unique to the brand. Achieving the correct tone and use of language took a little time, especially at the start. Once established, the project ran pretty smoothly and social updates were posted on a daily basis. The results – lots more followers and a few more Parkas knocking around our city centres!

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