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We are absolutely honoured to be working with our National Health Service, alongside some other fantastic digital agencies like Hippo Digital. We are actively involved in the discovery, planning, implementation and testing phases of all forms of web content related to a new NHS national opt-put service.

We have assisted with the review of existing public-facing materials and the creation of fresh and informative content. The project is largely influenced by the Department of Health, policy stakeholders, user research teams and external insight teams.

Other major influencers include:

  • GDS Style Guide
  • NHS style/pattern guide
  • Welcome Trust Words (third party research group)
  • Project style guide and editorial board
  • Policy and Information Governance



So many influential factors and guidelines creates lots of different opinions and requirements. For this reason, the most difficult part of this project is creating content that satisfies all of those aspects appropriately.

At the same time, we must convey complex and important health-based information, in an approachable and user-friendly manner. To achieve this, Content Juice has assisted numerous user lab research sessions, UserZoom studies, workshops and external accessibility assessments. This ensures we are able to satisfy user needs and maintain quality throughout.



The project is on-going and one we are thoroughly enjoying! Content we have produced or supported includes:

  • Landing page content with information and guidance
  • Service page and transactional content
  • Communications materials
  • Privacy notices, disclaimers and terms & conditions
  • Assisted digital materials and contact centre scripts
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