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NECL’s slick, quick and clean web design was unveiled to the world in 2018 – semi-naked, blushing and exposed to the big bad world wide web! The site was absolutely stunning, but perhaps a little too bare and lost for words. It had to be robed, garbed and kitted out with the most valuable lexis, the most enticing call-to-actions and the latest and greatest blog writing services.

That’s where we stepped in! The re-design was expertly handled by the team at NECL, creating a beautiful face for their online presence and offerings. Now it was time for us to open the mouth of that face and shove some words in – figuratively speaking.



It’s always a pleasure working with a client that is already flourishing in the digital industry and in complete control of their own digital marketing strategy. That means we, as writers, just get to concentrate on what we are good at. NECL are a leading IT support and consultancy specialist, so it came as no surprise that our advice on the topic of placing and sharing valuable content was almost completely superfluous. The team at NECL certainly know what they are talking about.

That makes our job so much easier as we can just focus on making sure the content is indeed valuable and shareable. The brief was simple: find quick and easily digestible ways of explaining particularly technical problems to SME business owners and the average home owner alike. Our agreed method was to keep the tone light, slightly informal but without becoming too chatty. Informative and advisory pieces must be sharp and to the point, so that those who are troubleshooting issues can get to the solution quickly.


Our working relationship with NECL is still in its infancy, but together we have already made some impressive progress. Working closely with Steve and Neil, we have managed to populate their new website with over 50+ pieces of blog content and several pages of web content for their IT support services.

This influx of clean, perfectly written and optimised web content has already taken effect too. Our content writing services, together with the SEO expertise and digital marketing clout of the NECL team, have improved key metrics across the site, including:

  • Improved time on page (engaging with our content)
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Increased organic visitor sessions month-on-month since April 2018.

Not only are users engaging more with the content we’ve written, but a steadily increasing number of people are finding links to it from within their organic search results – making this a win-win!

Moving into the near future, we are now looking at creating content that’s a little more extensive and a lot more valuable for all of NECL’s followers. Watch this space!

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