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Mr Hoppy

Product Description


A rather strange, amusing and challenging brief at the very least! Mr Hoppy is an online retailer of adult toys and (cough) ‘bedroom attire’. The brief was to create 1500+ product descriptions for the initial launch of their website.

Products ranged from everything you’ve seen before to anything beyond your wildest imagination! At around 200 words per description, that’s approximately 300’000 words! All focused on a rather taboo subject area! Can you imagine? Like, there is only so many ways you can say…stick it up your…

Anyway! We’re never one to turn a job down! So we gritted our teeth, wet ourselves laughing a few times and finally created some rather kinky content!



The execution of this project out started out hilariously. We couldn’t stop laughing, literally! But as time went on, the thought of writing about the 999th sex toy became daunting and not so funny whatsoever. Our minds turned into filth! Everything we saw turned into smut for weeks!

On a serious note though, this project was a lot of fun and we were appreciative of the opportunity of something completely different. It’s not often you get to flex such creative and, shall we say, naughty flair! Giggles all round!


This project was certainly one to remember! Over 1500 pages of product description content – it brought us to tears in more ways than one. The results, well they speak for themselves. It is what it is, as they say! Go have a read for yourself and see how we did, of course, only if you are over the age of 18!

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