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Is Anyone Else Sick of Seeing This Guy?

Ah, yes, a face that launched a thousand websites and, possibly, had the same effect on them as the iceberg had on the Titanic! Okay, this guy’s beard is impressive but by no means unique, and as for his image, well, it’s everywhere! Stock photos are a great solution if you want professional quality images […]

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5 Incredibly Inspiring Settings to Sit and Write

Fed up of your own 4 walls? Freelance writing can often become a chore simply because of the setting you’re in. The desk, the bed, the sofa can all become stale places that are no longer associated with productivity, relaxation or entertainment. Working from home as a freelance writer can quickly turn sour, resulting in […]

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How to Avoid ‘Match of the Day’ Content

Alan Shearer’s managerial career record is as follows: played 8; won 1; drawn 2 and lost 5. This is a  win percentage of 12.5%. You are well within your rights to ask yourself how Alan Shearer sees fit, to sit in judgement once a week and offer pseudo-insightful analysis of defensive plays gone awry, in […]

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Damn Autocorrect – A Blessing and A Curse!

Picture the scene, folks. It’s the first rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet and William Shakespeare and his cast are at the Globe Theatre. It’s Act 2, Scene 2 and Friar Laurence crops up with “to your turn your households’ raccoon to pure love”. William yells in disbelief, as he knows that’s not the line he […]

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Google Maccabees: Everything You Need to Know

That Sinking Feeling As with most Google algorithm tweaks, the first that most people knew about the ‘Maccabees’ update (which happened in mid-December) was a sudden drop in page rank. That sinking feeling is familiar to most seasoned SEO experts, managing multiple sites and strategies. The Maccabees update seems to have had a significant impact […]

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Don’t Talk Cycle Helmets – Talk Broken Skulls

As a writer, specifically a content writer, you can come across some interesting subjects. In fact, over the years, I’ve come across most subjects. Sadly (and hopefully the boss isn’t going to read this) not all of them are that interesting. A lot are but, as in all areas of life, there’s always one. Some […]

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Juicy Content: 3 New Case Studies!

Juicy news! We’ve got 3 incredible new case studies on site! These are perhaps our most favourite projects so far this year – with plenty more lined up to keep us occupied throughout the rest of it. If you’d like some more detailed information on the successes we have achieved with the following 3 clients, […]

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Thank You

Percentage of English that’s Actually English

  Did you know that more people are trying to learn English than any other language on the planet? It’s the main foreign language taught in most schools in South America, Europe, Japan and the Philippines. In fact, English is the official language in over 75 countries. But how much of the language, that we […]

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The Keyboard is Mightier Than the Nuclear Missile

Way back in the seventh century BC, the well-known Assyrian sage Ahiquar is reputed to have stated “the word is mightier than the sword”. Okay, so Ahiquar maybe isn’t that well known today and the version of his wisdom that we are more familiar with is the nineteenth century one; which was coined by the […]

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Quit Smoking – Start Writing

  Whether you refer to them as cigs, ciggies, tabs, smokes, snouts, bines, rollies or roll ups – we’re seeing them used less and less each year. Tobacco smoking is undeniably on the decline in the UK. With national initiatives such as Stoptober, a month-long campaign encouraging folks to stop smoking, a greater amount of […]

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