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All Writers Are Like Ravens

Evolution certainly is a spectacular yet complex part of our world. There are animals on this planet that we as humans can strongly relate to because of their characteristics. When we think about our star sign, there is usually an animal that is connected. For example, Aries has the ram, Cancer has the crab and […]

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Damn Autocorrect – A Blessing and A Curse!

Picture the scene, folks. It’s the first rehearsal of Romeo and Juliet and William Shakespeare and his cast are at the Globe Theatre. It’s Act 2, Scene 2 and Friar Laurence crops up with “to your turn your households’ raccoon to pure love”. William yells in disbelief, as he knows that’s not the line he […]

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Thank You

Percentage of English that’s Actually English

  Did you know that more people are trying to learn English than any other language on the planet? It’s the main foreign language taught in most schools in South America, Europe, Japan and the Philippines. In fact, English is the official language in over 75 countries. But how much of the language, that we […]

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SM Ruining Blogging

Is Social Media Ruining Blogging?

Is social media running blogging? It is a slightly slanderous title and an extreme accusation to make; but with merit. Technically, blogging is of course a form (if not the very first form) of social media. Telling stories online was the basis for the whole social media boom and blogging was at the very forefront […]

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