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Google RankBrain Promotes Quality Content

The year 2015. The year that SEO land changed forever. Again. That was the year that we digitalites witnessed the creation of a brand-new law. A law that would change our world forever, causing panic and confusion with death and destruction. Okay, maybe that’s a little bit too dramatic but the release of Google RankBrain […]

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Content Design Manual

Content Design Manual – Blog Content

Hello agent. Sitting comfortably? We apologise for the chains and the blindfold, it is protocol. Please try not to struggle as you will misunderstand the brief. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to gain an understanding of blog writing and the associated content design principles. This is a fairly straight forward assignment […]

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Content Design Blog Picture

Differences between Copywriting, Content Writing and Content Design

There are a number of different terms used to describe the industry we work in and the roles we all fulfil as writers for the web. We can be called copywriters, editors, freelancers or simple content writers amongst many other labels. ‘Content designer’ is a relatively new one being bandied about of late; with .gov.uk […]

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Welcome to the Content Juice Blog

A very warm welcome to all wordsmiths, bookworms, grammarians, editors, bloggers, marketers, content writers and all those who just love a bit of wordplay. This is Content Juice – your natural source of lexical nourishment. This is our blog; a place for us to share our thoughts, expertise and general anecdotes on the industry we […]

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