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6 Completely Free Content Writing Courses Online

Whether you are completely new to the writing industry, or you are an experienced scribe, there is always something new to learn. Writing is a wide and varied field with a huge number of disciplines and genres, and each genre itself can contain numerous categories. Closely associated with SEO and marketing, content writing and copywriting […]

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Social Media of the Future

Just 20 years ago, social media was unheard of. It wasn’t until 2004 that Facebook – today the most widely used social media site on the planet – was created. Whether you’re the type of social media user who religiously Instagrams their food, prefers Twitter for business networking or uses Facebook to keep in touch […]

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Is Your Marketing Plan Missing a Pineapple?

  Are your branding efforts a few blueberries short of a punnet? Are your advertorials a few bananas short of a bunch? Is your landing page a few mangoes short of…a big box of mangoes? There is no specific, collective noun for the mango fruit. How disappointing is that? To live in a world where […]

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Google Maccabees: Everything You Need to Know

That Sinking Feeling As with most Google algorithm tweaks, the first that most people knew about the ‘Maccabees’ update (which happened in mid-December) was a sudden drop in page rank. That sinking feeling is familiar to most seasoned SEO experts, managing multiple sites and strategies. The Maccabees update seems to have had a significant impact […]

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Juicy Content: 3 New Case Studies!

Juicy news! We’ve got 3 incredible new case studies on site! These are perhaps our most favourite projects so far this year – with plenty more lined up to keep us occupied throughout the rest of it. If you’d like some more detailed information on the successes we have achieved with the following 3 clients, […]

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What Does Your City Name Mean?

It is difficult to pin point the exact moment in history when the first city came to be. The city of Jericho came to be from evolving settlements as far back as 9,000BC and is widely recognised as the world’s oldest known settlement. As humans discarded the hunter gatherer lifestyle to a preferred agricultural society, […]

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Naughty Words

Naughty Words in the English Dictionary

For those expecting a long list of all the naughty words in the dictionary, I’m sorry to disappoint you. That could make an interesting infographic, but not a very good blog post. Instead I am going to analyse the existence of our naughtiest words and ask the following questions: What makes a naughty word naughty? […]

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Infographic: World Book Day 2017

  Share this Image On Your Site   <p><strong>Please include attribution to contentjuice.co.uk with this graphic.</strong></p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p><a href=’https://www.contentjuice.co.uk/infographic-world-book-day-2017/’><img src=’https://www.contentjuice.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/World-Book-Day-Infographic-2.jpg’ alt=’World Book Day 2017′ width=’100%’ border=’0′ /></a></p><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /> <p>   A Celebration of Reading Reminds Us All Why We Should Never Stop   Today is […]

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Facebook is Making You Listen!

Last week Facebook announced some changes to its video platform, including a new setting that will allow sound to automatically play by default. At present, videos in your Facebook news feed are set to auto-play when you scroll, but without audio until you actively click the link. This will no longer be the case moving […]

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Filthy Content Writing

Writing Filth for the Adult Industry

We get a variety of jobs here at Content Juice. We’ve written for a wide range of industries, working with large commercial brands and local SMEs too. We never like to turn a job down in truth and will wrap our creative minds around any brief that comes our way. We even relish the research […]

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