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6 Completely Free Content Writing Courses Online

September 4, 2018

Whether you are completely new to the writing industry, or you are an experienced scribe, there is always something new to learn. Writing is a wide and varied field with a huge number of disciplines and genres, and each genre itself can contain numerous categories. Closely associated with SEO and marketing, content writing and copywriting is also a very dynamic industry. Rules and regulations are always changing, as are the markets and the people you are appealing to.

The good news, though, is that there is a good selection of courses online that will help you to master your trade. With the right guidelines, you can start creating content that is a pleasure to read and helps you become successful in your writing career. The good news is that many of the available courses are completely free.

Open Learning

If you are just getting started, then it is a good idea to begin with the basics. Writing for New Writers is a course that is aimed at beginners and gives insights into how to structure paragraphs and articles for better results. While it’s a course that is probably a little too simplistic for experienced writers, it could be perfect for those that are just starting out. It is often a good idea to get back to basics, though, so maybe even seasoned experts can pick up a thing or two!


Skillshare is among the most popular of all go-to sites when it comes to online courses. They offer a huge range of courses and numerous subjects, and writing is one of them. While there is a fee for the courses, the site offers a one-month trial period. This should allow you to take some courses without paying a penny! Whether or not you choose to extend after that is up to you!

One example of a popular course ideal for content writers around the world is: ‘Creating Content That People Love to Read (and Google Loves to Rank)’.

As the title suggests, it helps writers to understand how to craft blogs and articles that are a pleasure to read. The course outlines how to structure an article in a way that it keeps the readers interested, and also how to undertake research for an article that is accurate and informative. Then, of course, there’s the part on how to keep Google happy with explanations on how to use keywords and other SEO components in a way that maximise their effectiveness.

Web Copy That Sells

For web copy that sells, you can also try ‘Copywriting For Beginners: How To Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy’. The course covers topics such as explaining what copywriting is and the basics on how to structure compelling sales copy. In addition, it also covers how you should approach getting into the minds of your target audience and how to use the words and phrases that will get their attention and pull the right strings.

Most writers are likely to find that blogging will take up a large part of their workload. Many available writing opportunities are likely to consist of blogging, while a good blog could also help a writer’s business directly. Blogging for Growth is a course that gives guidance on creating compelling blogs that will help businesses achieve their needs. In becoming a masterful blogger, a writer will find more job opportunities are available to them.

Content Writing Training

Content writing training offers an e-course in content writing that is completely free for all. The course covers all aspects of writing from finding inspiration and guidelines on how to write effectively, to developing a writing career. It is suitable for beginners that are trying to grasp the basics and also seasoned professionals that wish to add to their existing skills.

The course has been developed by writing professionals and is regularly updated to keep it relevant to what is a dynamic industry. The course is easy (and completely free) to sign up to, with courses delivered to your email inbox. It is a 12-week course and a certificate is provided at the end for those that complete the course.


Udemy.com is a popular portal that offers a wide range of courses on a range of topics including online marketing and content writing. While most courses are not free, you will still find a selection that is completely free of charge. One such course is Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises.

The course provides information on how to build and formulate blogs and articles that help to get into the mind of the reader. In addition to guidance on writing effectively, the course also explains how to plan content marketing campaigns. The course also provides useful technical information on SEO and marketing in general. Content marketing is a technique often used by SEOs and marketers, so being well versed on the practice will open more doors to professional writers.

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