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5 Incredibly Inspiring Settings to Sit and Write

June 19, 2018

Fed up of your own 4 walls? Freelance writing can often become a chore simply because of the setting you’re in. The desk, the bed, the sofa can all become stale places that are no longer associated with productivity, relaxation or entertainment. Working from home as a freelance writer can quickly turn sour, resulting in slow days and musty content that no one wants to read.



Personally, I enjoy nothing more than wrapping myself up in a big fluffy blanket and parking myself in front of my office window with a majestic view of the hills. Hearing rain batter against the window pane is an extra perk that really gets my creative juices flowing, but this isn’t for everyone.

Sometimes, the need to flee the house is real, but what are the most inspiring settings to run to on days like these? After several lengthy discussions and idyllic daydreams, we’re ready to disclose our top 5 incredibly inspiring settings to sit and write.


The Blissful Beach

inspiring-settings-to-site-and-write-4Let’s get some of the most cliché settings out the way before we get to the juicy stuff. Writing while the sun warms your bones with the sand beneath your toes can be sublime. You have the wonderful weather, the sea, sun and sand. There are interesting people and the opportunity of having the freshest fish for lunch, or ice cream if you prefer.

There are a few negatives with the beach, sand does get everywhere, and the sun can cause painful glare on screens. With that in mind we recommend leaving the laptop at home and switching to good old pen and paper when heading to the seaside.


The Café

inspiring-settings-to-site-and-write-1Cafes are fantastic for writers who are looking for stories to tell and characters to create. People watching, and eavesdropping could result in a bestseller. Go where the people go, but also where the coffee is top class, and the seats are comfortable. Cafes are fantastic for writers, especially now they have free wi-fi and plug sockets to use!

Venture to cafes further afield if you need to find some new inspiration. Look for quaint and quiet tea rooms and hectic city coffee houses filled with avocado eating millennials. There are so many options out there you’re bound to find a café to suit your immediate needs.


The Quiet Library

inspiring-settings-to-site-and-write-5Libraries are there for writers to use, yet many are now being used for other purposes such as local council hubs. Don’t let your library sit unloved, gather your writers kit and go work in the gentle hum while surrounded by the work of others.

Use the library to research some local history, find a new author and use the silence to get out those last 1000 words that you’ve been struggling with all day.


Head to the Pub

inspiring-settings-to-site-and-write-2Pubs aren’t only for drinking (but it is a bonus). I’m lucky enough to live close to the pub where J.R Tolkien and C.S Lewis used to meet, drink and find inspiration. In fact, the story goes that Lewis left the pub on a snowy evening to see one of the gas lamps lighting the way.

This was the inspiration he needed for his book, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe, where a gas lamp stands in a snowy Narnian wood. Go to the pub, with your notebook and pen (or mobile) and get ready for inspiration to strike.


English Heritage Sites

inspiring-settings-to-site-and-write-6There is so much history waiting to inject you with fresh ideas in the modern age. The English Heritage gives you access to castles, gardens and many other historic sites that are all the perfect setting for writers to flex their craft.

Pack a picnic, take a blanket, raincoat and sunglasses (be prepared for all weather) and see where your historic quest takes you.


Your Own Writing Haven

These 5 inspirational settings for writers are all great, but never neglect your own home. Home is where you’re most likely to do most of your work, especially during the winter months. It is so important to create a private space that you enjoy writing in. Avoid using the main rooms in the home as you will begin associating those spaces with work and all the pressures that come with it.

Invest in a desk and don’t skimp on a chair. The chair needs to provide you with adequate support, so pick one that can be adjusted in the arms, back, and head piece. Keep the space organised and tidy and ensure the rest of the family understand that this is a place of work and not play.

With time and dedication, it is possible to transform even the corner of a room into an inspirational setting. Make it yours, design it for writing and pick a great window!

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Lynette is a freelance writer and blogger; her days are spent working from her home office with no commute to ruin the flow. Lynette enjoys the writing and playing video games for a living, life doesn’t get much better!

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